About Us


Clothes define personality and it is dress that reflects confidence, attitude and style. Thus, dressing well and looking the best on all occasions is essential in today's world. We help you look the best!


Shop only those clothes that are meant for you and not for others. Tomorrow when you swipe through your wardrobe and find the usual clothes, you will know why we are said that to you. You are different and the dress your wear has to be the one that matches your standard.

Our tailor made design are:

  • Knotted with love
  • Perfect Fitting
  • Higher-quality
  • Made from best fabrics

With our values deeply rooted in Africa, we have built up an experience of almost 25 years in designing and styling, offering accurate measurement and comfort for custom made suits, a specialty that has made us one of the preferred brand name in Africa & Europe today. Our Products Range from Suits to Tuxedos, Shirts, Jewellery, Safaris, Shoes, Bags, Accessories etc.

We are Kenny's, a leading brand name in custom made suits and formal attire for men and women. With exceptional craftsmanship and fine detailing, we deliver the perfect finish to every garment and accessory. We cater to an exclusive and niche clientele segment of high profile ministers, cabinet executives and government diplomats. With an established presence in more than 10 countries, we are spreading our reach and growing fast in various parts of Africa like the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Republic of Congo, Western Africa and Central Africa. We also serve clients across Europe.

Our Mission is to tailor suits that will fit you infinitely better than anything you can buy off the peg. To maintain a high product quality standard by our dedication to quality and customer service.