Who We Are


Kenny’s Group has established itself as a prominent leader in the fashion and lifestyle sector, catering to a vast customer base throughout Africa. With a diverse portfolio of more than 70 brands, this company has become a major player in the industry, employing over 2000 multicultural staff members.

Our Mission


Our mission is to create an apparel brand that inspires self-expression and confidence through stylish, sustainable, and ethically-made clothing. We believe that everyone deserves to feel good about the way they look, and we are committed to providing high-quality, affordable clothing that is also good for the planet and the people who make it.

Our Beliefs









How It All Began

Kenny embarked on his journey in 1993, armed with steadfast determination and a modest store.

Kenny’s Group is a well-established lifestyle retail company that has operated since 1993. The company boasts a portfolio of over 50 popular international franchise concepts, all spread across various African countries. Their stores feature a wide range of top-notch fashion and accessory brands and beauty and cosmetic products.

Kenny’s Group has become a one-stop shop for fashion enthusiasts, attracting a loyal customer base. The company’s commitment to delivering quality products and services has seen it employ over 5000 people, making it a significant regional employer


Mr Kenny Rawtani

Fouder and Chairman of Kenny’s Group


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Where We Are

RDC • Congo • Mali • Burkina Faso • Cote d’Ivoire